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Generic Enterprise Repository

RepoPro® is an enterprise-ready generic repository tool that enables to centrally store, visualize and manage information about their assets. RepoPro® allows to model, manage, classify and discover the information.


User Defined Schema

User can define the data model for the assets and their relationships. The generic nature of the product does not constrain it as a SOA repository or Application portfolio alone.

REST API Support

All the capabilities are exposed through well-documented ReST APIs. Allows easy integration with other systems and applications.

Granular Access Control

The information in the repository is protected from unauthorized access by a comprehensive access control mechanism for both logged-in and non-logged-in users.


The product can be themed according to the client preferences. There are many UI elements that can be customized by the each user.

Key Features

Information Modeling

Define your own asset types, their attributes, relationships and taxonomy tree.

Information Management

Manage the state of your assets and their relationships through a feature rich UI, by uploading Excel files, or via well-documented ReST APIs.

Information Discovery

Navigate through vast amounts of assets using taxonomy trees.

Information Classification

Connect your corporate LDAP for user access.

User Experience

Manage your repository data using a friendly, intuitive interface designed to gracefully handle large volumes of data.


Visualize dependencies interactively. Navigate the relationships.


Home Screen
Edit Asset Type
Manage Relationships
Manage Taxonomies
Edit Asset Instance
Customize Layout for Edit Asset Instance page
Import / Export
Browse Asset Instances
Quick Search
Custom Search
Filter Asset Instances
View and navigate Relationship Tree